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Our featured services

We specialize in electronic car key repairs, recalibration and reprogramming. Get new keys for your lost ones, or make backups. We improve engine controls through vehicle remapping; quick EGR and DPF removal, air condition checks and more

On the spot servicing

Convinience is key in car servicing. Thats why we come to you gto fix most of your problems. This way, you don't have to leave your busy schedule for car maintenance

Excellent customer service

We research and determine issues that affect our customers most, and then bring in the tech and expertise to solve them.

We handle all makes and models and specialise in more than 40 car brands
We are endorsed by the local trading standards office
We adhere to strict industry standards in all activities
Our work has a minimum 12-month guarantee on all services
Value Added Servicing

Our goal is to give you the best experience. Thats why at Add Auto Keys, we treat our clients to:

Serene environments in our offices to pack, relax and wait
Regular correspondence and feedback on reported issues
Electronic invoicing on all purchases and services rendered
Organised give away packages and discounts for regular customers
Technician Excellence

To get the job done, we need the best personnel on the field. Hence we leave no expense spared in bringing the best brains into our offices.

We orgainise regular training for our staff
Our workers are spotly dressed and easily identified
All our mechanics and technicians are equipped with the latest technology
Workers are trained in customer relations to make you feel at home
Technology at its best

Add Auto Keys has some of the most advanced technologies in the car repair industry in the country. We believe strongly in technology and its potential to make the future even better

We use electronic repair tools for microscopic operations
Automated, mechanical software to run engine checks
The latest speed testing equipment on the market
Transponder repair and diagnostic tools of high standards