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A Brand New car shell remote replacement for your worn and old car key;  Add Auto Keys Ltd offers a large range of  Car Key/remote Shells replacements, if your outer car key/remote shell has been damaged, the blade has broken off or is simply worn over time, a replacement key/ remote shell might be a cost effective alternative.

Our team will remove the still working internals from your original damaged car key/remote and place them into a brand new shell, extending the life of your original key. No other company offers such a comprehensive service for car shell replacement car keys and remote locking fobs. At Add Auto keys there are a range of options for car keys replacement, such as original factory keys and remotes, high quality aftermarket car keys and remotes, car key housings or shells replacement or emergency spare keys and flick and fold keys that can be a cost effective alternative.

Our services including precision cutting and coding with guarantee. We got you covered.  Contact us now.

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