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we’re passionate about the future of the automobile industry and connected cars. That’s why we strive to offer the very best service to developers who are working to build seamless apps that improve the lives of everyday car users and move the industry towards its connected future. As many influential players from both the automobile industry and developer communities are beginning to realise, the future of the car industry will need the innovation, imagination and skills of developers worldwide if it is going to reach its full potential.

So how do we support individual developers as they seek to transform the industry?

At HIGH MOBILITY we provide developers with the tools, documentation, support and — most importantly — the technology they need to make their ideas come to life. With our in-browser car emulator, they can test and improve their apps, in the same way they might in a real life setting.

In today’s blog post we’re going to be covering how to use HIGH MOBILITY’s car emulator. We’ll be demonstrating how you can get going with the sample apps, using the car APIs via either a Bluetooth or Telematics (Internet) connection.

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