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ECU Remapping for both Big and Small Cars is becoming a popular tool to decrease costs and fix some common issues that modern engines have. For example EGR or DPF failures and the expense associated with fixing these items.

Our experience in the industry allows us to not only make ECU changes but also advise on mechanical changes to engine that sometimes need to be made , and in other case can be made to make the ECU reprogramming as efficient as possible.Most engines are offered by manufacturers in different power ratings , and the only difference often is just the program in the ECM.

We have the latest equipment and have access to the latest files which allows us to modify most popular Truck and Bus applications.

To identify exactly what can be done to your Car we need to know make, model, year, use our contact button and we’ll get in touch.

Our service is done On Site, we come to you

  • Engineered to high standards
  • Delete EGR
  • Delete DPF
  • Solving all your “AdBlue” issues.


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